Prayers of Protection / Deliverance

Stations of the Cross
Offer up the sufferings of Jesus on the cross in atonement for an evil situation.

The Rosary - Our Lady is the most powerful intercessor

The Divine Mercy

Prayer to St Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in our hour of conflict. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God restrain him we humbly pray and do thou oh prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God thrust down to hell Satan and with him all the other wicked spirits who wander through this world for the ruin of souls.

Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil
I place myself in the presence of Jesus Christ and submit to His Lordship. I 'Put on God's armour so as to be able to resist the devil's tactics' (Ephesians 6;10-11). I stand my ground, 'with truth buckled around my waist, and integrity for a breastplate…' (Ephesians 6;14). I carry the 'shield of faith' to 'put out the arrows of the evil one…' (Ephesians 6;16). I accept 'salvation from God to be my helmet and received the word of God from the Spirit to use as a sword' (Ephesians 6:17). In the name of Jesus Christ crucified, died and risen, I bind all spirits of the air, the atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground, the underground, and the nether world. I also bind the influence of any lost or fallen souls who may be present, and all emissaries of the Satanic headquarters or any coven of witches or warlocks or Satan worshippers who may be present in some preter-natural way. I claim the blood of Jesus on the air and atmosphere, the water, the fire, the wind, the ground and their fruits all around us, the underground and nether world.
In the name of Jesus Christ I forbid every adversary mentioned to communicate with or help one another in any way, or to communicate with me, or to do anything at all except what I command in Jesus name.

In the name of Jesus Christ I seal this place and all present and all family and associates of those present and their places and possessions and sources of supply in the blood of Jesus. (Repeat three times)

In the name of Jesus Christ I forbid any lost spirits, covens, Satanic groups or emissaries or any of their associates, subjects or superiors to harm or take revenge on me, my family and my associates, or cause harm or damage to anything we have.

In the name of Jesus Christ and by the merits of His Precious Blood, I break and dissolve every curse, hex, seal, spell, sorcery, bond, snare, trap, device, lie, stumbling block, obstacle, deception, diversion or distraction, spiritual chain or spiritual influence, also every disease of body, souls, mind or spirit placed upon us, or on this place, or on any of the persons, places and things mentioned, by any agent, or brought on us by our own mistakes or sins. (Repeat three times)

I now place the cross of Jesus Christ between myself and all generations in my family tree. I say in the name of Jesus Christ that there will be no direct communication between the generations. All communications will be filtered through the Precious Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mary, the Immaculate, clothe me in the light and power of your faith. Father, please assign the angels and saints to assist me. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being my Wisdom, my Justice, my Sanctification, and my Redemption. I surrender to the ministry of Your Holy Spirit, and receive Your truth concerning intergenerational healing. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen
Father Robert DeGrandis S.S.J

It is said that the four most powerful words against evil are 'Jesus', 'Mary', 'Precious Blood' and 'the word of God'. The prayer above contains all four and I have found this prayer most effective for dealing with a multitude of situations

Healing of Ancestry - A Prayer of Deliverance
Eternal Father, as a community of faith and a family in prayer, we gather to give you praise, adoration and thanksgiving in all things. We pray for all the deceased members of the families represented here, and all those who, in the past, were born deceased, still born, miscarried, aborted, never committed to God and those who died an early death. We pray for your family members who died brutally or violently, lost in the war or otherwise died from strange and mysterious illnesses, for great fears, acts of cowardice, sudden death, in mysterious fires and for all who were rejected by the family, wanderers and lost members, adopted, abandoned, or rejected.

We pray for all the members of the families represented here who were addicted to drugs, alcohol, games, compulsion of all kinds, gambling, lust, deceitfulness, addictive shopping, and for family members unduly attached to values of the world, money, prestige, power and control over persons or things.

We pray for those who died and were never prayed for and those buried without a proper funeral. We pray for those who died by their own hand and for those who died through suffocation or were abandoned, for those afflicted with great phobias, emotional instability, insanity, unexplained illness and from all other causes known by God alone.

We ask release from all bondage coming from the occult, under any form practiced by family members in the past or in the present affecting living members in whatever negative form of bondage, infirmity, emotional or physical illness, addiction of any kind, spiritual torment or other confusion. I hereby rebuke and cast out in the Name of Jesus Christ, from all living members of these families, the following dark and binding forces of spiritual and emotional torment, undue anxieties, tensions and stress, violence, prejudice, error, devaluation, self-hatred, retaliation, arrogance and deceitful pride in all its forms.

We ask deliverance from fears of all kinds - the fear of being found out, the fear of ghosts, fears of natural elements such as heights, thunder, lightening, wind, water, fire, closed spaces, fearful dreams, the fear of rejection, the fear of intimacy, the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of man, the fear of woman, the fear of darkness and all other kinds of fears, spiritual, emotional or physical from whatever source.
I hereby rebuke and cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ all dark and binding forces of superstition, slander, destructive lies, and falsehoods, deception in all its forms and attempts to destroy others' reputation, lust, incest and perversions of all kinds. l hereby rebuke and cast out, in the Name of Jesus Christ obsessive and compulsive destructive behaviour, manic attitudes, depressions, denial and deceitful games, abandonment, rage, excessive anger, guilt, vengeance and self-destructive anxieties, attitudes and attempts.

I hereby rebuke and cast out, in the name of Jesus Christ, the following dark and binding forces called confusion, chaos, rebellion, arrogance, hallucinations, sleep walking, addiction, fortune telling in all its forms, witchcraft, Satanism, necromancy, santeria, black mass, and occultism in all its forms.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke and cast out all deceitful and destructive forces of despair, betrayal, uncontrolled frustrations, bitterness, despondency, repression, projection in all its forms, manipulation and control, the fear of rejection, self-deceit, rejection and self-rejection, exaggerated anxieties, withdrawal, self-pity, false guilt and perversions of all kinds.

I rebuke and cast out in the name of Jesus Christ, the dark and binding forces of pride, denial fantasies, doubt, mockery, repression, hopelessness, fear of insanity, fear of perdition, infidelity, abuses of all kinds, verbal, mental, emotional, physical or spiritual. I rebuke and cast out in the name of Jesus Christ all false God's and idols.

Seal, I break you in the Name of Jesus Christ
Seal, I break you in the Name of Jesus Christ
Seal, I break you in the Name of Jesus Christ

I hearby break and cast out in the name of Jesus Christ all curses of any kind placed upon the members of the families represented here and all ancestry of these families.

I hearby break and sever by the power of the Word of God and the Sword of the Spirit all negative ancestral spirits and influences of any kind from whatever source, genetic, spiritual, physical, emotional or physic affecting the living members of these families wherever they may now be living.
In the name of all these past and lost or injured souls, I ask forgiveness for those who died unforgiven and unforgiving. For them, we ask deliverance from present darkness, confusion and chaos. As a family, we raise up to God all the ancestors, who were never baptised for whatever reason. We ask the Lord to accept them, through the baptism of desire, in to the family of the church with a right to Heaven. We bestow upon each one of them the name of family members who surrounded them at the time of their death. We command the Holy Angels, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to lead all these souls into Paradise to be forever in the Presence of our heavenly Father, the angels and the saints and from this moment on, to be intercessors for all the living members of the families represented here today. I claim the most Precious Blood of Jesus Christ upon all members of these families, that they be protected from all harm, injury, accident, illness and the wiles of the devil. I also ask the Holy Angels to be, now and always, sentries of protection for all the members of the families represented here today. I ask the angels to protect their possessions from all harm and destructive forces.

We make our prayer in the name of Jesus of Nazareth whose compassionate love heals all wounds through forgiveness, mercy and prayer. AMEN.

Prayer of Forgiveness
The following prayer covers most significant areas of forgiveness. Often, such a prayer will bring to mind other areas that need forgiveness. Let the Holy Spirit move freely and guide your mind to persons or groups that you need to forgive.

Let us pray...

Lord Jesus Christ, I ask today to forgive EVERYONE in my life. I know that You will give me the strength to forgive and I thank You that You love me more than I love myself and want my happiness more than I desire it for myself. Father, I forgive YOU for the times death has come into the family, hard times, financial difficulties, or what I thought were punishments sent by You and people said, 'It's God's will,' and I become bitter and resentful toward You.

Purify my heart and mind today. Lord, I forgive MYSELF for my sins, faults and failings, for all that is bad in myself or that I think is bad,
I forgive myself; and I accept Your forgiveness. I further forgive MYSELF for taking Your name in vain, not worshipping You by attending church, for hurting my parents, getting drunk, for sins against purity, bad books, bad movies, fornication, adultery. Also, for abortion, stealing, lying, defrauding and hurting peoples' reputation. You have forgiven me today, and I forgive myself.

Thank You, Lord, for your grace at this moment. I also forgive MYSELF for any delving in superstition, using ouija boards, horoscopes, going to séances, using fortune telling or wearing lucky charms. I reject all that superstition and choose You alone as my Lord and Saviour. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, I truly forgive my MOTHER. I forgive her for all the times she hurt me, she resented me, she was angry with me and for all the times she punished me. I forgive her for the times she preferred my brothers and sisters to me. I forgive her for the times she told me I was dumb, ugly, stupid, the worst of the children or that I cost the family a lot of money. For the times she told me I was unwanted, an accident, a mistake or not what she expected, I forgive her.

Lord, I truly forgive my FATHER. I forgive him for any non-support, any lack of love, affection or attention. I forgive him for any lack of time, for not giving me his companionship, for his drinking, arguing and fighting with my mother or the other children. For his severe punishments, for desertion, for being away from home, for divorcing my mother or for any affairs, I do forgive him.

Lord, I extend forgiveness to my SISTERS AND BROTHERS. I forgive those who rejected me, lied about me, hated me, resented me, competed for my parents' love, those who hurt me, who physically harmed me. For those who were too severe on me, punished me or made my life unpleasant in any way, I do forgive them.

Lord, I forgive my SPOUSE for lack of love, affection, consideration, support, attention, communication; for faults, failings, weaknesses and those other acts or words that hurt or disturb me.

Jesus, I forgive my CHILDREN for their lack of respect, obedience, love, attention, support, warmth, understanding; for their bad habits, falling away from the church, any bad actions which disturb me.

Lord God, I forgive my IN-LAWS, MY MOTHER-IN-LAW, FATHER-IN-LAW, SON/DAUGHTER-IN-LAW AND OTHER RELATIVES by marriage, who treat my family with a lack of love. For all their words, thoughts, actions or omissions which injure and cause pain, I forgive them.

Please help to forgive my RELATIVES, my grandmother and grandfather, aunts, uncles, cousins, who may have interfered in our family, been possessive of my parents, who may have caused confusion or turned one parent against the other.

Jesus, help me to forgive my CO-WORKERS who are disagreeable or make life miserable for me. For those who push their work off on me, gossip about me, won't cooperate with me, try to take my job, I do forgive them.

My NEIGHBOURS need to be forgiven, Lord. For all their noise, letting their property run down, not tying up their dogs that run through my yard, not taking in their rubbish bins, being prejudiced and running down the neighbourhood, I do forgive them.

I do forgive my PRIEST, my CONGREGATION and my CHURCH for their lack of support, affirmation, bad sermons, pettiness, lack of friendliness, not providing me or my family with the inspiration we needed, for any hurts they have inflicted on me or my family, even in the distant past, I forgive them today.

Lord, I forgive all those who are of different PERSUASIONS, those of opposite political views who have attacked me, ridiculed me, discriminated against me; made fun of me, economically hurt me.

I forgive those of different religious DENOMINATIONS AND BELIEFS who have harassed me, attacked me, argued with me, and forced their view on me or my family.

Those who have harmed me ETHNICALLY, have discriminated against me, mocked me, made jokes about my race or nationality, hurt my family physically, emotionally or economically, I do forgive them today.

Lord, I forgive all PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE who have hurt me in any way: doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, politicians and civil servants.

I forgive all service people: policemen, firemen, bus drivers, hospital workers and especially repairmen who have taken advantage of me in their work.

Lord, I forgive my EMPLOYER for not paying me enough money, for not appreciating my work, for being unkind and unreasonable with me, for being angry or unfriendly, for not promoting me, and for not complimenting me on my work.

Lord, I forgive my SCHOOLTEACHERS AND INSTRUCTORS of the past as well as the present. For those who punished me, humiliated me, insulted me, treated me unjustly, made fun of me, called me dumb or stupid, made me stay after school, I truly forgive them today.

Lord, I forgive my FRIENDS who have let me down, lost contact with me, do not support me, were not available when I needed help, borrowed money and did not return it, gossiped about me.

Lord Jesus, I especially pray for the grace of forgiveness for the ONE PERSON in life who has HURT ME THE MOST. I ask to forgive anyone who I consider my greatest enemy, the one who is the hardest to forgive or the one who I said I will never forgive.

Lord, I beg pardon of all these people for the hurt I have inflicted on them, especially my mother and father, and my marriage partner. I am especially sorry for the three greatest hurts I have inflicted on each of these.

Thank You, Jesus, that I am being freed of the evil of unforgiveness.
Let Your Holy Spirit fill me with light and let every dark area of my mind be enlightened. AMEN.

Forgiveness is an act of the will, not a feeling. If we pray for a person, we can be assured that we have forgiven that person. To help accept an individual and open ourselves to a particular person more, picture
him with the Lord Jesus and say to the Lord, 'I love him because You love him. I forgive him because You forgive him.'

Forgiveness is a life-long obligation. Daily we need to forgive those who hurt or injure us.
Father Robert DeGrandis S.S.J

Apology to God Our Father
GOD OUR FATHER. I apologise and ask forgiveness for my sins and the sins of my ancestors and my children's ancestors in my mother's and father's family trees, including...(insert family names).

I apologise for all the anger and unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment, between all members of my family tree. I apologise to God our Father, for all the fighting over land or money, envy and jealousy, blasphemy, corruption, curses, dissension, drunkenness, anti-semitism, hatred, filthy language, lack of faith, unbelief, lying, malice, murder, wrath, rebellion and selfish ambitions.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for any attempted suicide and self destruction, all abortions and assistance in abortions.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for all the ancestors who were involved in war and oppression who may have misused their positions of authority through the power of guns and explosives. I apologise for any involvement in illegal organisations in times of conflict in Ireland. I apologise for any torture or suffering that may have been inflicted on others.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for all addictions, for alcoholism and for any making and selling of illicit alcohol and drugs

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise and ask forgiveness for sins of immorality, indecency, lust, impurity, rape, incest, bitterness or lack of responsibility in the home, such as deprivation of children, violence both verbal and physical.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for any involvement in the occult, by fortune telling, tea-leaf reading, superstition, horoscope, tarot cards, charms, palmistry, ouija boards, spiritualism, witchcraft, black magic, white magic, domination, black mass, crystal ball reading, divination, extra sensory perception

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for any perjury, pride, dishonesty, gluttony, insincerity, cheating for gain, oppression of less fortunate people, bribery, corruption of innocents, wrong counsel, prostitution, all involvement with pornographic books, films, etc fornication, filthiness of spirit and of the flesh, free love, all perverted sexual acts, permissiveness and promiscuity.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for the unbelievers, and sins committed through lack of faith, and for any cursing against priests or the Church in any way. I apologise for all involvement in false religions and heresies, freemasonary, spiritualism, covetousness, idolatry, charms, arrogance and deception.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise and ask for forgiveness for all children miscarried or aborted and therefore not baptised. I ask that they may be baptised by the Holy Spirit and released into Your Kingdom, and give them a name. Amen.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for all sins of involvement in New Age, reflexology, reiki healing, yoga, silva mind control, bio-energy, the enneagram, visualisation, shiatsu, aromatherapy and all other new age practices and involvements, all of which are incompatible with You, our God.

GOD OUR FATHER, I apologise for all deceit, domination, aggression, impatience, manipulation, brain washing, lack of concentration and futile dreaming.

Heavenly Father, I come before you as your child, in great need of your help. I have physical health needs, emotional needs, spiritual needs, and interpersonal needs. Many of my problems have been caused by my own failures, neglect and sinfulness, for which I humbly beg your forgiveness, Lord. But I also ask you to forgive the sins of my ancestors whose failures have left their effects on me in the form of unwanted tendencies, behaviour patterns, moods, depression and defects in the body, mind and spirit. Heal me, Lord, of all these disorders.

With your help I sincerely forgive everyone, especially living or dead members of my family tree, who have directly offended me or my loved ones in any way, or those whose sins have resulted in our present sufferings and disorders. In the name of your divine Son, Jesus, and in the power of His Holy Spirit, I ask you Father, to deliver me and my entire family tree, including those in adoptive relationships, and those in extended family relationships, from every contaminating form of bondage. By your loving concern for us, Heavenly Father, and by the shed blood of your precious Son, Jesus, I beg you to extend your blessing to me and to all my living and deceased relatives. Heal every negative effect transmitted through all past generations, and prevent such negative effects in future generations of my family tree.

I symbolically place the cross of Jesus over the head of each person in my family tree, and between each generation; I ask you to let the cleansing blood of Jesus purify the bloodlines in my family lineage. Set your protective angels to encamp around us, and permit archangel Raphael, the patron of healing, to administer your divine healing power to all of us, even in areas of genetic disability. Give special power to our family members' guardian angels to heal, protect, guide and encourage each of us in all our needs. Let your healing power be released at this very moment, and let it continue as long as your sovereignty permits.

In our family tree, Lord, replace all bondage with a holy bonding in family love and let there be an ever-deeper bonding with you, Lord, by the Holy Spirit, to your Son, Jesus. Let the family of the Holy Trinity pervade our family with its' tender, warm, loving presence, so that our family may recognise and manifest that love in all our relationships. All of our unknown needs we include with this petition that we pray in Jesus' precious Name. Amen.

St. Joseph, patron of family life, pray for us

Suggested Programme for a Deliverance Ceremony
Arrange for a priest to offer up a regular Mass for the specific intention.
Include the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel and
Prayer of Protection for Freedom from Curses & Evil
Sprinkle Holy Water & Blessed Salt

If you wish, you can also include some or all of the following prayers.
Healing of Ancestry - A Prayer of Deliverance
Apology to God Our Father or the
Prayer of Forgiveness

Suggested Programme for a Family Tree Healing Mass
Arrange for a priest to offer up a regular Mass for the specific intention.
Sprinkle Holy Water & Blessed Salt

Include some or all of the following prayers.
Healing of Ancestry - A Prayer of Deliverance
Apology to God Our Father and the first two verses from the Prayer of Forgiveness